Th3 Saga is a Christian hip hop artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  He has become the first Christian battle rapper to enter the Ultimate Rap League (URL) community. As one can imagine, being a part of the battle rap culture as a Christian is certainly not an easy task. With over 6 million battle rap views, Saga has managed to win over fans and introduce souls to the kingdom without compromising his faith. According to Source Magazine, “What set him apart from his class was how he was able to entertain battle fans while subtly passing along a God inspired message.”


Saga had an amazing opportunity to open up for Grammy nominated artist  Jonathan McReynolds, on his New York City tour stop in March 2019. Aside from battle rap, Th3 Saga is also building his career as a recording artist, and has been working on a new EP entitled AOL (As Of Late), set to release in 2019. AOL takes you through a journey of Th3 Saga’s triumphs and trials in his career, as well as in his personal life.  In an interview with Source Magazine, he states that “Just because I’m Christian does not mean I’m perfect”. This project speaks on the current situations in Saga’s relationships, his walk with God, dealing with notoriety (in battle rap and as an artist), and even his ongoing fight against depression and anxiety.

Before evolving into a Christian artist, Th3 Saga was initially inspired by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Kid Cudi, Musiq Soulchild, Ginuwine, Tank, and Tyrese. But, with the major influence he received from his mother (who served as a worship leader at his grandfather’s church), he changed the direction and focus of his music. He chose to call himself Th3 Saga, which serves as an acronym for ‘Soldier Assigned to God’s Army’. Other than sharing his music with the world, connecting with his fans on a personal and spiritual level is an essential part of his journey as an artist. Which is why he decided to share his personal number with his fans, allowing them to see beyond “Th3 Saga”, giving him the opportunity to build genuine relationships with his supporters.